The firms activity takes place in an own production space, placed in an own area of 35,000 square meters and includes:
  • administrative center 280 square meters, including 12 offices;
  • the hall for the production preparation (Lxlxh=60x30x5m), having a rolling bridge weighting one tone;
  • the production hall, made of three compartments: -  for mechanical processing (Lxlxh=60x6x3m); for fitting and expedition preparation (Lxlxh=60x6x3m); for soldered structures (Lxlxh=60x12x6m), having a rolling bridge weighting 3.2 tones
  • the storehouse for auxiliary materials 150 square meters;
  • the outside materials warehouse 800 square meters;

Because of the small series of the products, their processing is made on universal machine-tools. So the technical endowment of the two firms includes:

1. For the activity of mechanical processing:

  • different parallel lathes with the maximum diameter of 700 mm and the maximum length of 2 m (totally, 11 pieces)
  • universal milling machines, having 1,200 mm length and 360 mm broad (5 pieces)
  • universal rectifying machines, having the maximum exterior diameter of 200 mm and 700 mm length and the interior diameter of 100 mm (2 pieces)
  • piercing machines with the maximum diameter of 70 mm (4 pieces)
  • cutting machines with blade, with the maximum section of 320 mm x 320 mm (1 piece)
  • electric furnace for thermic treatment with the maxim temperature of 1,100 Celsius degrees, in a space with the sizes Lxlxh=400x400x350 mm (2 pieces)
  • rectifying machine RPO 200 plan (1 piece)

2. For the activity of soldering:

  • soldering plant MIG/MAG with the maximum current intensity of 350A (7 pieces)
  • oxigas cutting installation with optical drawing following top at the scale 1:1 (1,000x2,000 mm) (1 piece)
  • guillotine scissors for cutting sheet irons of maximum 16 mm thickness FDT 16x3500 (1 piece)
  • electrogenus group for soldering (2 pieces)
  • 40 tones hydraulic press (1 piece)
  • 100 tones mechanical press (1 piece)
  • 6 tones mechanical press (1 piece)
  • cutting machines with corrosive disk
  • oxygas cutting semiautomatic
  • angular grinders, portable piercing machines and cutting cases
3. Calculus technique (computers, printers, plotters) Presently, over 100 employees with different specialization work for the two firms:
  • chipping processors
  • mechanical locksmiths and solderers
  • designer engineers
  • specialized staff for the CTC and the AQ activities
  • staff for the supplying activity
  • staff for marketing
  • economic staff
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