Until now there have been made works for the energy production industry, especially for the electrostations Rovinary, Turceni, Isalnita, Craiova II, Govora, Halanga, Oradea.

The products made are spare parts for:

  • coal mills
  • scrapers for after-burning
  • Erko and Readller bands
  • air rotative preheater
  • electrofilter
  • air and gas fans

For them, our firms have specialized in the different armoures production, wear parts, bolts, electromagnetic couples, small and medium metallic parts, especially in different transporting chains production.

Another important beneficiary is the coal mining industry, where there are manufactured different metallic structures, namely: route elements, band supports, mining collectors, Wemma metallic scrapers covered with anticorrosive substances and with Zn.

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